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The best gift you can give yourself on Valentine’s Day

Hi guys! Valentine’s day is almost here and I want to take the time and ask you a question. Have you ever thought what is The most important relationship you will ever have? Well, in my eyes the answer is your relationship with yourself.
On this Valentine’s day I want to share with you 7 tips on how you can improve your relationship with yourself. This way not only you’ll be happier, but also your relationships with others will improve and grow.

1. Be kind to yourself

For years I used to stand in front of the mirror and tell myself so many bad, negative things about myself and about my body. I used to focus on what I don’t like about myself and be so insecure. It took me years to switch those thoughts with positive thoughts – I started focusing on the things I like about myself, Not only physically but also, and mostly, mentally.  I still have those days when I don’t feel great or beautiful, like any other human being, but when those days come I keep reminding myself of all the good within myself. I promise that once you begin practicing self-love, your life will be much happier.

2. Be grateful

Not only for the things you have, for your friends and family, for the food in your table or for the house you live in, but for yourself, for who you are for all you do. Take some time off and write down the things you’re grateful for about yourself – are you grateful for your compassion? Positivity? Creativity? Make a list and keep it somewhere in your house where you can grab it whenever you need a boost of confidence.

3. Take time to do what you love

Have you ever dreamed of taking a dancing class? opening a blog? improving your photography skills? NOW is the perfect time to start. Doing what you love not only will improve your life but also make you way more productive –  this hobby will push you to get things done in order to have more time to do what you love. Who knows, maybe one day your hobby will become your business!

4. Celebrate your success

When was the last time you took time off to celebrate your achievements and success? Everything in this world happen so fast, and sometimes we forget to take some time off the race and celebrate those happy moments – as big or as little they might be. We spend so much time working and thinking about the future, jumping from one goal to the other. Stop for a moment, take a break and celebrate those wins! you deserve that- after working and investing time- you deserve some time to celebrate, enjoy it.

5. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Don’t forget to laugh! You shouldn’t take things too seriously and when your friends or family laugh at you. Just laugh with them and don’t be so serious 🙂

6.Forgive yourself

We are not perfect. Life isn’t about being perfect and we all make mistakes and experience failures. Forgive yourself, we can’t change what has been done but only try again and improve. Without failures we cannot enjoy and appreciate success.

 7. Treat yourself!

Not only during Valentine’s day, but from time to time you should definitely treat yourself! Valentine’s day is a great day to treat yourself and make yourself happy!

I have an amazing idea for a gift that will remind you to take some time off and enjoy yourself –  a beautiful timepiece. I’m collaborating with Votch, an amazing, vegan and cruelty free watch company based in London, to share with you their beautiful timepiece. Votch offers an amazing collection of colorful, luxurious watches made with the finest, cruelty free & vegan leather, a watch that isn’t only animal friendly but also environmental friendly. They donate 10% of their profits to charity and I cannot stress enough  how thoughtful they are. I’m so happy and glad to share this watch with you, while styling it with my two valentines day outfit ideas, and hopefully you will like it as much as I do.

Outfit #1- Romantic in pink

This outfit was all around the most romantic color in my eyes- pink!  I love skirts, and wearing a skirt with a sweater is one of my favorite looks during winter. this feminine and romantic yet effortless and chic look is the one to-go for during valentines day. I paired my beautiful, classic Pink& gold Votch watch with my pink pleated skirt and heels, and to balance the pinks I wore my beloved nude sweater and Matt & Nat bag.


Outfit #2- In the nudes

This outfit is a bit less romantic and more edgy then the other one- who said Valentine’s day is all about reds and pinks? 🙂 This outfit is inspired by my Gold & Tan Votch– and is all around those beautiful neutral colors, that are so classic and great for every occasion. I wore my faux- suede skirt with the same sweater from the previous outfit, added a beautiful tan faux-leather jacket, a tan bag and a pair of under the knee boots that compliment the length of this skirt. Oh, and I didn’t forget to wear a smile- it’s the most important accessory!


Want this Votch watch too?

use the code ” STYLEWITHASMILE ” to get 10% off full price watches only (not individual straps), and will expire GMT midnight on 20th Feb.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post 🙂

Let me know what was your favorite outfit, watch and section in the comments below (and also what are your Valentine’s Day plans!)

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See you next time,

And Happy Valentine’s Day!



** This blog post was made in collaboration with Votch. I wrote it and all the ideas, opinions and content were made and written by me. Votch sent me this watch as part of the collaboration. I don’t get any profits from Votch , from the coupon code or the links to their website. This blog post contains some affiliate links. for more about my ethics click here

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