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My January 2018 favorite products – fashion, beauty, lifestyle

My favorite cruelty free& vegan fashion, beauty and lifestyle products for 2018

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I’m the kind of girl who loves trying out new products all the time. Don’t get me wrong- I do stick to products that I love and keep repurchasing them, but I love exploring and finding new, exciting products. It makes me SO happy to have options to choose from and variety.. Just take a look at my shoes/bag/lipstick collections and you’ll see for yourself ;)) Since 2018 I’ve been lucky enough to try out new, exciting products, and I’m so happy to say I have found some new favorite items that I鈥檝e been using and loving. Some of them you will probably recognize if you have been following me on Instagram Stories聽, and some of them are long time favorites- products that I’ve been using for months and months and love, use and buy over and over again. Let’s start!


Hurraw! moon balm 2

Hurraw! moon balm

Hurraw! Lip balm, blue camomile vanilla

I have tried so many lip balms over the years but so far, this one is my favorite. It’s moisturising聽without being sticky, it leaves my lips feeling so good and the main part: I don’t need to re-apply it often. That’s the key for a good lip balm. After all, it supposed to moisture our lips, not to dry them out and make us use it more and more.As one who loves using natural skin care products I’m so happy that this lip balm is not only cruelty free and vegan, but also 100% natural and made with raw ingredients. I really like the scent of it: a soothing camomile smell that isn’t overwhelming, just perfect. I purchase聽this lipbalm on IHerb, one of my favorite sites for purchasing beauty products, and always add one or two to my cart when I place an order. You should try it out if you suffer from dry lips- it helps and improves them!

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Nurturing Hand Cream, Musk, coconut & Shea Butter, Lavido

This hand cream has everything that I love in a hand cream- it’s cruelty-free and vegan (obviously), lightweight, not sticky, natural, absorbs fast and has a lovely smell. If you love fresh, tropical scents, Or if you want a hand cream that you won’t feel on your hands a minute after applying- this one is for you. It does the job while not being annoying 馃檪 Yay for Lavido!

Lily lolo laid bare eyeshadow palette 2Lily lolo laid bare eyeshadow palette

Lily lolo, Laid bare eyeshadow pallete

let me summarise this palette in one word: perfection. I have been looking for a good, natural eye pallete for a long LONG time, and when I saw this pallete I felt like it was meant to be (NOT kidding!). 聽It was just what I was looking for over the years. I’m a huge fan of the no-makup makeup look- I don’t own and never use foundation (maybe once a year for a special occasion), and want my makeup to look natural and to enhance my natural looks. This pallete has an amazing range of neutral shades (which I love), the pigmentation is amazing, there is no fallout, all the eyeshadows are creamy and easy to blend- I just love it! It has a large mirror inside and the pallete is very compact so it’s amazing for travelling. I find myself reaching out for this pallete ever since I got it, it has everything I need to make so many awesome eye-looks and I couldn’t be happier with it! you can find this pallete right here.

Pacifica, Blushious, Coconut & Rose Infused Cheek Color, Camellia

Pacifica,Blushious, Coconut & Rose Infused Cheek Color, Camellia

it isn’t a secret that during winter we all need to add a bit of color to our face to make us look healthy (aka. alive). I love this blush from pacifica and have been using it for over a year now. The color of this blush will suit every skin tone and will add a hint of beautiful, natural color. I will write a full blog post about Pacifica products soon- I have quite a few of them and love this brand and what it represents: it’s 100% vegan, cruelty free and natural, and portion of their proceeds support clean water. If you want to buy this blush- you can find it right hereFlutter panda eyeshadow paletteIMG_0162

Flutter (superdrug UK) Panda eyeshadow pallete

I got this palette as a gift from a family member who lives in London (oh I miss London!) and It’s so cute! The packaging is so adorable and the shades it contains are amazing for an everyday look. This palette is tiny and easy to use on the go- and my favorite shade from it is the burgundy聽shade, it’s lovely! I couldn’t find this pallete in Superdrug’s site but here is a link for it on ebay. I love using Lily Lolo’s pallete and to add the burgundy shade from this pallete. Great things come in small packages, aren’t they? 馃檪

Philips Thermoprotect HP8232 DryCare Advanced Hairdryer

Fun facts about me-

1) I’ve never been to a hair salon or a hairdresser. my dad used to be a hairdresser and whenever I need a haircut I just call him

2) I have never owned/used a hairdryer before

But, Since It’s cold outside, and since I need to go outdoors, I wanted to purchase a hairdryer that won’t ruin my hair without breaking the bank. After searching online I read about this hair dryer by Philips and decided to buy it- it looked like a good option and after using it for about a month I can say It’s great for me- It isn’t super loud, it has an option of smart drying that is not ruining the hair and it’s so beautiful (I mean, I’m a blogger, of course I care about this even when it comes to hairdryer – LOL). You can find this hairdryer right here

Primak trench coat

My trench coat

The winter in my country isn’t that cold, and that’s why a trench coat is a must in my wardrobe- It’s super stylish, has a neutral color and suits everyone. I bought mine on Primark when visiting London last year- and that’s definitely my favorite purchase from this trip. I’m gonna visit Prague and berlin soon and I think I will invest in another trench coat if I’ll find one I like. you can find a similar coat right here

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I featured them on my Top winter essentials post, and for a good reason. I just cannot get them off my head!

Charlie Puth, Attention

I just love this song so much and this is definitely my favorite song of the month. I think I killed the replay button!


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!

what are your favorite products of the month? let me know in the comments

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*This post is not sponsored. The products mentioned in this post were not sent my the companies, I bought them with my own money. This post does contain some affiliate links.

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