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1 Year blog anniversary

Hi guys,

It’s such an exciting day for me!

It’s the first birthday post for my “baby”- Style With A Smile blog.


Today a year ago I started running my blog, and now its first birthday has come! I was thinking about opening a blog and never really done anything about it. I had many concerns and fears, But a year ago, on 9/19/17, I stepped out of my comfort zone and finally did it, and I’m so glad I did.

This journey was and is not easy. Building a blog, creating new content, editing, taking pictures, writing, and gaining audience takes a while and I’m still working on those things every single day. Thanks to this blog I’m getting to know so many beautiful people, learning new skills, expending my knowledge and interests, and also finding out new things about myself, about what I love and about what I really want to do.

This blog is my private place on the internet, where I can express myself, my passions and my thoughts with you – share my love for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and animals – without anyone telling me what to do or not to do, a place that’s all mine, a place where I can share my values, dreams and goals. A place that suit my values and ethics – I will never promote or share anything that I don’t love or has nothing to do with my blog- I will always stay loyal to my readers and to myself, and will never promote anything that I don’t love with all my heart. I believe that’s what makes a blog a good one – a blog that isn’t filled with  products that don’t have anything to do with either me or the blog’s niche. I won’t wear or use anything that is not vegan, and I won’t use photoshop on my body. My dream is that this blog will allow me to make a living and will be a source of income. So far – no income came out if it, but maybe someday.

This blog makes me feel exited and creative every single day – I love sharing, writing and creating new content for myself and for you all. This is such a wonderful opportunity to thank you all for being here, for reading my blog and follow me on social media, thank you for your positivity, for the love and for your lovely comments. Your compliments and nice words always make me smile – I don’t take anything for granted and I am grateful for each one of you. Without you all  this wouldn’t have happened.

My blog is filled with outfits, fashion advice and style inspiration, but it’s also filled with compassion, empathy and values – it’s 100% cruelty free and vegan. I’m an ethical vegan since 2013 and could not be happier with this choice. I care and love animals with all my heart and strongly believe that we don’t have any right to hurt or abuse them in any way – not for fashion, not for food and not for fun. My blog is here to prove that fashion, including beauty and lifestyle, doesn’t have to be cruel. I hope this blog will affect people and make them think about their choices – we have the option to save so many amazing animals!

hope you enjoyed reading this long post,

and I will see you next time!



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