Oh London, my London… My London guide! 

If you’ll ask me what is my favorite place to travel to- I’m sure my answer will be London. I cannot think about anywhere else in which I have so much fun’ every single time. I was thinking about sharing with you my London guide for a long, long time- and I think the best time to share it is not- before summer begins! This guide is recommended for everyone- no matter if you’ve been to London before or if it’s your first time there. So lets begin!





#1: Piccadilly Circus + soho 

This place is a must if it’s your first time in London, but honestly, you should go there even if it is not your first time there because it’s the perfect place to start the day in. Take some pictures in this beautiful circus, enjoy the street shows, and scroll around Soho. There are many vegan/Vegan-friendly places to eat nearby – my favorite ones are Mildred’s and Vegan Hippo.


Mildred’s (soho/ Camden town)

If you go to Mildred’s There are plenty of vegan options (the restaurant is vegetarian)- but I usually go for their vegan Burger and Sweet potatoes on the side and It’s so delicious! you’ll get an interesting dip with it that is super delicious.

Vegan Hippo (soho)

If you go to Vegan Hippo- you ABSOLUTELY NEED to go for their jackfruit burger- it’s so unique and special and I think this burger is the most amazing option there. but I truly suggest you yo avoid their desserts – they are not good.

Whole foods Market (soho)

if you want to buy some amazing vegan chocolates-I suggest going to Whole Foods market. There are plenty of vegan sweets there- for chocolate I suggest going for “Vego” and I also recommend the vegan gummy bears they have there.

#2: Bond street

If you read my blog you probably love fashion. and Bond street is the best place to seek inspiration in, but not to go for shopping – its way too expensive there! But if you want to treat yourself and buy something – go to Stella McCartney’s store and you will find plenty of vegan options there (but not everything there is vegan so check the materials). You can also find vegan options in any other stores there. I did not buy anything there and entered to Stella’s store only- but I had so much fun! It’s always fun to find inspiration.



#3:Oxford street  

Oxford st. is my favorite place for shopping in London. I suggest starting your shopping trip in Oxford street from Tottenham Court Road and you’ll find Primark- one of my favorite stores for shopping in London! I believe you’ll be very happy  to start your shopping trip from this store because there are so many beautiful options there and everything is super affordable. One thing you need to remember is to check the materials (most of the things there are vegan) and also check the quality because I’m sure you’ll see some faulty items there. Other shops I love are: River Island, New Look, HM, Lush cosmetics (make sure you choose the vegan items there- they are marked with a vegan sign), Bershka, Mango, Stradivarius. If you need a coffee break I suggest entering M&S – there is a M&S cofffee shop inside! they don’t have any vegan-friendly foods but their coffee , mocha and hot chocolate drinks are VEGAN if you ask for soya-milk, of course 🙂 If you want to eat something – Go to Ask Italian – they have an amazing vegan menu, but if you want something fast – there are so many fries-booths there 🙂



#4: Regent’s Park and Hyde Park

If/When you have a sunny day in London go to these beautiful parks! I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching so many beautiful plants, flowers, trees and amazing animals! But do not feed them it’s not so good for them .. 🙂



#5: Hampstead Heath 

A beautiful, huge park with amazing lakes, many ducks and open spaces! It’s not as popular as the parks that I have mentioned above but for me it’s one of the most amazing parks you can visit. Be ready to walk a LOT – you’ll need a pair of comfortable  shoes and some yummy vegan snacks 🙂



#6: Camden Market

One of my favorite places to scroll around is Camden market. it’s so unique and special! The atmosphere this place has to offer is amazing and you can also find there many vegan places to eat. My favorite one is, again, Mildred’s. And if you love French crepes- there is a vegan option inside Camden market in a place called Nojo 🙂

#7:Convent Garden 

another amazing place to scroll around and have fun. I truly recommend going there! You will always find  so many amazing street shows there and colorful cornersIMG_8059.JPG

If you have any suggestions or tips – leave them down below 🙂

I hope this post was helpful and interesting for you guys! if you have any questions leave them below or send me a message (there is a contact page on my blog). you can also find me on Instagram and send me a message there

Have a wonderful trip!

and happy summer



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